Axon Citizen

Evidence from the community. In three clicks.

Now, it’s easier than ever to collect and manage evidence from the community. With Axon Citizen, the public safety portal, you can invite individual witnesses – or an entire community – to submit photos and videos of an incident directly to your agency.

  • Centralized

    Submissions go straight to, where they’re instantly categorized and searchable.

  • Secure

    Audit trails show officer and collection information and data. Community members can choose to keep their contact information from being stored in the app.

  • Streamlined

    Triage tools help officers reviewing submissions quickly decide which media to accept or decline.

  • Reliable

    Large volumes of submissions are supported – no matter the size or scale of event.

Product Specifications

Compatibility for Axon Capture

Android Devices Version 4.1 and above. iOS available in 2018.

Upload method

Connexion 3G, 4G ou Wi-Fi


Active law enforcement account required


Available only in



Community evidence, now part of the Axon network.

Axon Citizen makes it easier for community members to submit evidence, and for your agency to manage it. Download product cards below, view our purchasing plans to learn more, or apply to our Axon Insider program to be an early access partner.

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